A-Z Full Form of Indian Education Courses/Degree/Graduation/Post Graduation


There are many courses are available in India. In our country educational courses are called by their short names. So, some people don’t know the full form of short names. Here in this article, I’ll tell you the full form of all the courses available in India.

A-Z Full Form of Indian Education Courses
A-Z Full Form of Indian Education Courses
Full Form of Indian Courses/Degree/Graduation/Post Graduation
  • BBA Full Form - Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BCA Full Form - Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • BA Full Form - Bachelor of Arts
  • B.Tech Full Form - Bachelor of Technology
  • B.Com Full Form - Bachelor of Commerce
  • B.Ed Full Form - Bachelor of Education
  • BE Full Form - Bachelor of Engineering
  • BHMS Full Form - Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
  • BSC Full Form - Bachelor of Science & Base Station Controller
  • LLB Full Form - Legum Baccalaureus in Latin (commonly known as Bachelor of Laws)
  • LLM Full Form - Legum Magister (Latin) & Master of Law
  • MBA Full Form - Master of Business Administration
  • MCA Full Form - Master of Computer Application
  • MSC Full Form - Master of Science
  • NDA Full Form - National Defence Academy, National Democratic Alliance
  • PHD Full Form - Doctor of Philosophy
  • PGDCA Full Form - Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
  • PGDM Full Form - Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • PUC Full Form - Pollution Under Control, Pre-University Course & Personal Unlock Code
These are the all the courses and degrees available in Indian universities. If in case we did not write name of any course mention the name in comment section.


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